Actual prizes

Thomas S.: €502 - Cheers, this is how much I won, I think I can rest for a month now, because I played 20 hours in a row, but it was worth it.

Peter: €9,142 - I had to tell them about my prize - is there anyone who can beat this?

Mary: €5035 - Yay, even a girl can do this, it is superb.

We found the way to outwit the roulette

Are you also as upset by casinos, who make lots of money and just a bit is returned back to the players? Are you bored of the constant losing? As luck never ceases to avoid you, don't you get the feeling you are not a real hazard player? Well, listen closely then. Thanks to your visit on these pages, you can chage your life upside down..

If you think about your future and will read this fenomenal guide through, then then the profit won't miss you. We found a legal way, which whanks to
simple maths works for any and every player. You only need to learn a few rules and relations and you can take the path of new and rich
tomorrows. Start working on your first bankroll today and after few days, you will see yourself that we told you about the greatest secrets
of the hazard games world. Our guide is very simple and you don't need any difficult mathematical operations. You don't even need a paper for notes.
All is derived from the logic that has guaranteed success. This method only works in online casinos, as at a classic table,
you wouldn't last long. There would be security soon and they would promptly take you out of the doors. Yes, that's how secret it is.
But now we have decided to publish it for all those, who aren't apathetic to their economical future.
Take the chance into your hands and continue reading.

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Simple guide which anyone will understand
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Your stories

Tim's story: I make €1200 per month

One day I surfed the net, I was kicked out of job and have been trying to find a new one for two months without success. Surely, all that have the same experience could tell you, how hard it is to find something. Well paid spots are held by their owners tightly and others have many people on the waiting list. It was rainy afternoon and I was browsing some webpages again, when I found this great guide. I am very sceptical about most things and I don't do anything head first, but here I didn't have to invest more than just a little and I was promised high profits every day. Before the investing itself I tried the virtual way in Unibet casino and what a surprise: it really works. In the next few moments I started making my own money. I am not looking for a job anymore. This activity requires no physical activity and brings me about €1200 each month.

Peter's story: Roulette helps me fulfill my dreams

Cheers to everyone, who is just new to this. I will recommend you to bet for the lowest bet possible, so thath you have money for betting in the next rounds. It's a very simple matter, which will bring you lots of money. You will see how easy it is even on the first time playing in casino. You can do everything from your home and that's what convinced me to try it. Start like I did. I tried my theory virtually first and when it worked, I jumped right into the game. Now I am fulfilling all the dreams I couldn't reach because of financial reasons before.

Let's meet roulette

Roulette is one of the base stones of casinos all around the world. You won't find even one, where you couldn't find it. People like to try their luck with the ball thrown into the spinning mechanism and hope that this round especially will bring them luck. We don't hope, we know we are bound to win. There are 37 or 38 numbers distincted by colors. The ball is thrown against the spinning direction, and depending on where it stops, prizes of the fields that have been bet on, will be paid out. Before each round you have a certain when you can choose your bets.

Basic terms

  • American roulette – Has 38 numbers of which two are zeros. One classic and the other is double-null. This is not good for players.
  • Event – This is how bet on odd/even or high/low number is called.
  • European roulette – Our well known roulette with a single zero.
  • Free Spin – free spinning without need to bet anything.
  • La Partage – With this rule you can find at the French roulette, where half of the bets on odd/even or high/low will return to you if you get the zero.
  • Spin – This is how one round is called.
  • Street – It's a row of following numbers like 1,2,3 or 7,8,9.
  • Wager requirements – This number displays how many bonus bets you need to place in order to get that bonus value for yourself.
  • Chip – a word for any coin whatever the value is.

Similar roulette rules

In casinos we can meet three different types: they are the so-called American roulette, European roulette and French roulette. If we study them more closely, we will notice just a little difference in rules. American roulette has two zeros on it's spinning mechanism. the normal and double-null. This is disadvantageous for the player, unlike the European roulette, where there is only one zero. French is the same as European in this respect, but the difference is that the French version will return you half of the bet on even/odd or high/low numbers.

How can we bet in roulette?

On a single number – you can place the bet in the simpliest way possible - on a number chosen by you
Combined bet – all is given by a so-called combination or split - bet over two numbers. Chips are placed on the line splitting the two numbers. You can bet for example on 0 and 1 like this.
Advanced number bet street – just like at split, you can place chips right onto the cross between three numbers closer to the vertically closer two numbers - so called street.
Betting on four numbers – if you place chips right on the cross between four numbers, you will place the bet on all four of them. The prize multiplier is decreased of course, but your chances to win are much higher.
Betting on six numbers – bet on a line, which covers two streets and you will have 6 numbers under your bet. You only need to place your chips on the closest enclosing line of the roulette table.
Betting on 12 numbers – by this you can bet on so-called column. Place chips on the upper, middle or lower line.
Betting on a dozen – Notice the three fields noted 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. If you place your chips on this place, your bet will be divided into all respective numbers.
You can of course also bet on a color, odd or even, high or low variants. All these prizes are double. In one round you can bet on more than one variants, there are no limitations.

How do I win?

If you have read through up to this point and got the touch of rules, then you will maybe think that this is to difficult and nothing for you. But it's quite the opposite. This is something anyone can do. It doesn't depend on any knowledge or skills. You only need to obey the following process, which guarantees the desired reuslt. All casinos are eager for new players so they offer them generous enter bonuses to their first deposit. That's one another reason to register into all we offer. Once you register there, deposit your first money on your account. If you are paying over bank account, it will be done in an instant and nothing restrains you from starting a new age in your life of playing hazard game. You don't have to be afraid about your money as you won't lose them, but there will be still more and more of them. If you have any troubles with depositing your money, don't hesitate to contact our non-stop support. Once your money is deposited, you instantly get the promised bonus from casino according to the actual offer. And now to reveal the great mystery..

Exact guide

Let's only stick to bets, that will revolve around colors. Your task is to bet the minimal bet possible on a color chosen by you. If it doesn't fall, you will lose your money, but don't give up, that's ok. Our method is ready for that and will reply with a killing blow. Now bet on the same color double the value. Again, you miss and lose your money. Repeat that and double your bet again. Finally, you succeeded and now let's sum it up. Let's start with the minimal bet of €1. We missed and so we bet twice as much, €2. Then we missed again and we had to bet €4. At last we succeeded and the prize is €8, while we only bet €7.

This is called mathematical cheat and it can be repeated forever. By this process more and more people are getting rich and youcan become one of them. If you really start on a minimal bet, which is about €1, you can make up to €2 in a minute and that's an amount of money you won't earn anywhere else. Try the demo first, so you can see it really works and step into the world of financial independency too.

Praktická ukázka

Bet Total bet Prize Color
Red €1 on red 1 0 Black
Red €2 on red (2x1) 3 0 Black
Red €4 on red (2x2) 7 8 Red
The total prize is 8-7=1 Euro.
With this method it is no problem to earn €400 a day

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal?

It is without doubt legal. It is a mathematical system, you don't cheat on anyone, you just bet according to maths. We made the formula. Use the opportunity offered to you.

Why don't casinos do anything against it?

This relates to the previous question. Casinos can't do anything because it is legal. The casinos we present here are verified by independent institutions so any manipulation is out of question.

What to do when I hit ZERO?

Nula is counted as an opposite color. This means that when you bet on red and 0 rolls up, it is as if you got black one.

How many should I leave on my account?Kolik je dobré si nechávat na účtu?

It's good to deposit €100 in the beginning and you will get €100 more like a starting bonus from the casino. It is optimal to play with €1000 on your account and then you can play without worries.

Can casino block my account or decline to withdraw my prize?

Yes, this can happen, when you break the casino's rules. The most common violation is filling out false information when registering. With the first prize widthdrawal the casino will request you sending a scan of your ID and if they see the information doesn't match, it might be a trouble for you.

Can I give my credit card's number to a casino?

You don't give the credit card's information to the casino but to bank department so the transaction is completely common and safe.

I didn't get my bonus, what to do?

Please, contact us on and we will solve it for you.

How much can I win in a day (month), to not become outstanding?

The ideal Ideální extent is €5,000 per moth. If you want more, set up more accounts and get prizes from all of them.

Why do you do this and reveal these things to us?

We already have made enough money, so why not tell other people? It makes us glad.

The car of the famous inventor
Tom Horeps

The interesting thing is that Tom loves real casinos a lot and is able to
lose even several hundreds of thousands in one night. But it's all won back again by his employees over the night. You can contact him:

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